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The Man With Rainbow Hair


The man with the rainbow hair took a gulp from his bottled water and looked up to a familiar body as it approached him, knee-high black leather studded boots clacking against the floor with every step he took; even though he didn’t need the visual of the body to know who the voice belonged to.

To anyone else, it was just a voice, but to the man, it was so much more than that. The voice was a symphony and a melody to the man’s ears every time it spilled out of the pierced mouth of the beholder.

Dahvie Vanity blew dyed red and blue bangs out of his eyes as he set his bottle of water on a random speaker that was beside him. He was always exhausted after a performance, and tonight was no exception. He had settled into his normal post-show routine of finding a quiet place to wind down and relax by himself, but he was well used to Jayy finding him in whatever hiding place he seemed to find. It was like they were playing a never-ending game of hide and seek, and Jayy was the champion.

“Hey.” Dahvie responded simply to his band mate. He wasn’t in the mood tonight for any games or antics with Jayy. The only thing that sounded appealing to the male was going back to his apartment, maybe taking a quick shower, and crawling into a soft, warm bed. Even with his head swimming with such tempting thoughts, Dahvie couldn’t turn Jayy away, with his endearing smiles and feigned shyness and all.

A bed was tempting, but Jayy was the greatest temptation that Dahvie faced and it wasn’t just a feeling that came after an energetic performance. It was a permanent temptation that was there before and after every show, and every possible time in between.

Jayy came closer to Dahvie, grinning in a way that revealed his sharp, white canines and made his lip ring glisten the most enchanting of ways underneath the fluorescent lights above him.

He flipped his black, flat ironed bangs out of his eyes and leaned in closer, so close that Dahvie could feel his hot puffs of breath against his made up face. Dahvie didn’t bother looking around them to see if any lingering crew or roadies were watching them. Anyone and everyone that was a part of Blood On The Dance Floor was well aware of the connection that Dahvie and Jayy shared, and catching them in a heated act or a moment of passion wasn’t news to anyone.

Jayy pressed a gentle kiss to Dahvie’s cheek, smearing the black lines of unity that were painted across the flesh. The kiss wasn’t anything romantic or erotic, but Dahvie knew that in it, Jayy held a promise for more.

He pressed those sharp canines against Dahvie’s now make up smeared skin, biting his cheek playfully.

“You were great out there tonight, Boo.” Jayy applauded his lover in a deep, sultry voice that he knew sent shivers down Dahvie’s spine. He was well aware of the effect he had on the man in front of him and he used that to his advantage.

Dahvie dared to wrap his hands around Jayy’s tiny waist to pull him closer to him. Their groins were nearly touching and Dahvie could feel his heart hammering around inside of his chest. He was sure that he was breathing faster by now; he hoped Jayy wouldn’t notice, but that was unlikely. The taller, beautiful creature of a man made Dahvie feel like he was sixteen again, and it could be embarrassing.

“Thanks.” Dahvie managed to say, “So were you.” He knew it sounded lame, but it was true. Dahvie couldn’t think of anything else to say. Jayy was nothing short of hypnotizing when he was on stage. It was his home and he had a natural talent for performing.

Jayy nodded and ducked down to press another kiss, followed by a teasing bite to Dahvie’s neck. He dotted the quivering skin with a couple of such kisses. He felt Dahvie’s breathing pick up beneath him as the shorter male let out soft gasps and sighs.

“What are you doing tonight?” He whispered into Dahvie’s ear, tickling the sensitive shell.

Dahvie smirked, even though Jayy couldn’t see it from where he was buried in the man’s neck. He knew that he had something planned for the both of them tonight.

“I was going to go home and sleep. Tonight really wore me out.” Dahvie said, truthfully, because in all honestly, those were his original plans.

Jayy pulled away from Dahvie’s neck, providing him with some momentary relief. His dark lips frowned at the near shaking man in front of him and he poked Dahvie lightly in the chest.

“Aw, you’re no fun tonight, Dahves.” He pouted, knowing that if he whined just right, he’d get his way. He always did.

Dahvie laughed lightly and crossed his arms in front of his chest, “What did you have in mind?”

“Come home with me?” Jayy asked, tilting his head to the side in the sweetest of ways. He knew Dahvie wouldn’t be able to refuse him, not that he ever did anyways, “It’s so lonely in my apartment, you know.”

A yawn escaped Dahvie’s plump, soft lips, “Only if you drive. I’m too tired.”

Jayy’s face lit up and he nodded, shoving a hand in his back pocket to fish around for his keys. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on Dahvie’s surprised lips. As surprised as he was, he didn’t pull back or refuse the affection. He leaned into the kiss, not bothering to deepen it, but just to let their lips press together for a couple of moments.

“I’m going to go pull the car around the front. Be ready.” The pierced man said cheerily as he jogged away from Dahvie, his hips swaying deliciously underneath tight black pants. The chains hanging from his belt loops clanked together as he jogged and his belt of bullets started to shimmy down off his hips with the movement, but he didn’t seem to notice.

The only one that noticed was Dahvie, who was completely enthralled by the sight in front of him. The back of Jayy was just as beautiful as the front, and all of the places in between. He shook his head as more heated thoughts came into his head, and he sighed deeply.

He was absolutely gone for Jayy in every way there was. Whether that was good or bad, he was still unsure of, and it scared him.

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